Tuesday, 19 January 2021

The Use of the Bandcamp

 If you haven't already, come over and follow on Bandcamp https://adamcadell.bandcamp.com/follow_me. I use the site to fairly regularly upload new ideas and explorations, old ideas and back-catalogue items, as well as full albums, live compilations, writings, artwork etc. To make it clear, a lot of the "releases" on there are not albums or EPs or whatever (though there are several on there), but found recordings, field recordings of improvisations and compositions and other ephemera, as well as local and international collaborations. The nice thing about BC compared to other music-hosting sites is it gives the artist the option to monetize this stuff and even sell hard-copy and merch (which I will make more of a thing of one day when it's worth mailing things again...maybe), thus getting some income (most of what you may pay comes to us, BC just takes a wee bit occassionally, and yes I mostly charge a decent price for the massive amount of work that goes into this stuff). Platforms such as this give me a chance to share my sonic research and compositional processes while receiving the odd bit of funding for it (that is if people bother to pay, which unfortunately is not very often). So yes indeed, have a think about following over here https://adamcadell.bandcamp.com/follow_me BC also allow us to communicate direct through their site with followers so it might eventually be a better spot to say g'day to you all from time to time, rather than this bilious pit of naricissistic twaddle (facebook) and its associated platforms (twatter, instagramofmetaphoricself-agrradizingsocialcocaine etc).

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