Sunday, 29 April 2018


Purchase digital direct through Bandcamp and support direct to moi. Otherwise tape avail at Soft Abuse.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Vacuuming the BOOM

BOOOOMMMM Vacuuuummmmm numero sept is upon us.

Don't miss it. 1900, 25 April, Brisbane.

I will miss it as I'm New York working with ... and drinking margarita out of a can...which is disgusting.

Out very shortly
Also here

You will see me here in NY too on stage with GNAW.

See you in Southern France soon.

More to come....

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Bush Songs Imminent Release

Hello all and sundry,

BUSH SONGS is now up for digital pre-order on my own Bandcamp. I'm about to get out travelling again... Seeking inspiration and honing the skills and also enjoying a holiday largely, though you may catch me somewhere between NYC and the heart of Occitania. In NY shall be spending time once more with Henry Flynt, picking over the world of violin technique and history and looking at his incredible body of work for violin.
Then I shall be in the shadow of the mountains in France....

All of this activity could be helped out by you all, so think about making a pre-order purchase through me directly. You can also of course pre-order the cassette and digital dl via SOFT ABUSE RECORDS as well which I highly recommend. Tapes are limited to 100 and will disappear fast!

BOOM Vacuum will continue in my absence with the April edition including a solo performance of Tony Irving who will premiere his new concussion guitar to all within hearing range. DO NOT MISS.

For any Brisbaners you shall be able to catch me before disappearing this Weds night on stage with Jive Canyon at THIS EVENT.

Until then...