Thursday, 27 June 2013

Latest installment of The Scrapes - The Songs of Baron Samedi

Two new vessels from the in-between world have washed up on your shores...listen hard..."A Haunting" and "Militant Signals" if you want to support new music and a future physical release (probably on vinyl) or just stream it on your fancy bourgeois broadband if you're a cheapskate. Dig it like a shallow grave.

Hillbilly Electronic Music...Henry Flynt

Came across this highly insightful recent interview with Henry Flynt today. He's been doing some things at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn and damn is this broadcast revelatory. It includes unreleased, unheard material including the final piece, a brilliant work of "Hillbilly Electronic Music" incorporating what sounds like a violin being crunched through a 1980s commodore 64 or some old piece of shit like that. In other words....awesome. You can stream and download this lengthy beast here: And it seems he did a nice little video walking tour of a fairly recent exhibition of his work at the Kunstverein in Dusseldorf...haven't watched it yet so I'll stick it here for safe-keeping. You can all tell me how it is. HENRY FLYNT TOUR

Thursday, 20 June 2013

More deep Moroccan Strings

There's some serious radical sounds coming from the violin on this little tape posted over at Awesome Tapes From Africa Seriouuussss. Whether this fiddling is radical or innovative I have no idea but it sure sounds fresh as fuck to me. Sounds like every note has the distorted bow work at times like he's slowly turning up the gain...
Iliss Ntmazirte