Saturday, 29 June 2019

Neu Noize

New noise up on Bandcamp for pay-as-you-like DL. Solo drone mind melt. Lasted 2 hours straight at the time and was so loud and unending - in the vaguely cavernous Sidney Nolan exhibition space at MONA - I got heckled by a lady who recommended I buy some ear-plugs for me and I guess everyone else...I dunno...I couldn't hear her. Fortunately her whining doesn't come up on this audio. Had to cut the performance in half to 2 movements if you will for this document.


 Cover Art is more weird work-avoidance by yours truly (thank you temp agency for kindly sponsoring my visual art ambitions).

Please consider downloading and chucking me a couple of pennies along with the previous installment (Vibrations for Sarcophagus, named as such because I was set up in front of an actual sarcophagus above The Void at MONA to make weird noises while people stuffed themselves below with an odd array of avant-garde canapes. Yep. The nice guy helping me set up had to check that the vibrations wouldn't damage the sarcophagus) up there as it will go a long way while I wander the streets of Europe in August with appearances in Finland, Belgium (Summer Bummer Festival 2019!!) and France, solo and with the Artús legends.

Both of these MONA - Museum of Old and New Art recordings were made during 3 days of live performances for the opening of Fabien Giraud & Raphael Siboni's installation 'The Everted Capital', a 24 hour durational work for which I were composer and musician. Both sets of recordings feature music from that mammoth composition/improvisation. It's possible to view an excerpt of the film HERE Keep an eye on that space as those two and I continue to work together with an exciting new long-form project on the go at present. Anyway thanks all for your support and interest. If you've read this far it's probably time to go outside for a walk or something. This social media stuff is incredibly bad for us all.

Until next time,

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Well happy Friday to those of you for whom that matters. In the next installment of blathering garbage about my work I'll fill you in on Barbarian Meditations, an album recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Potter - the other member of The Scrapes for those who for some reason don't know that - in his old family home in Alderley, Brisbane. This one is my little attempt at paying tribute to the atmospheric aspects of Black Metal music (something that often creeps into my composing/improvising sort of...maybe it's just in my head...some people seemed to get it anyway and some people still pick up on it...and no I'm not interested in the fascist Black Metal stuff...they can piss right off) while also of course drawing heavily on the drooone of Tony Conrad and The Theatre of Eternal Music. It's just me, my fiddle, a loop pedal, distortion pedal, and big beast of an amp - probably Ryan's trusty Vase, because I only own a tiny little "casino" brand practice amp that I've used on almost all the other recordings on that there bandcamp that are amped that is - ample use of vibrato effects and feedback. I think also I was going for a violin version of the image on the cover of T-Rex "Electric Warrior" album with a dash of the proto-heaviness of Randy Holden's "Population II" album. One of these days this will get a proper physical and digital release because I like it. The cover art is a photo taken by my wife of the karst mountains that dominate the landscape of Yangshuo in China where I'd been recently traveling back in early 2012 before recording this one. The next few albums in the series are also from this period where I was well into Tony Conrad in a big way. Lots of drones, drones, drones. Here it be, Barbarian Meditations, your Friday medication:

PS. I SHALL BE VISITING EUROPE IN AUGUST for Summer Bummer Fest in Antwerp and more......more to come...