Friday, 22 July 2016

New Tony Irving/Adam Cadell

A new Bandcamp page has been launched to document the live and studio work of Tony Irving/Adam Cadell duo. We've put up the old Duskdarter records release which is still free/pay what you want AND a new release: an incendiary live set from a househow in Brisbane back in 2014. Literally recorded in a very hot kitchen.


Friday, 15 July 2016


Some fantastic fiddle scrape present on these tracks here as alerted to me by the subterranean scraper himself Pablo who kindly dropped me a line from Argentina the other day. Get hip to this now and check out their massive catalogue of free freak skronk straight from Cordoba, Argentina over

In other news I've done some re-vamping of the ye olde BANDCAMP with the last remaining copies of Street Music Vol 1 on cassette being made available to all and sundry. I've got about 10 left there. Postage may seem extortionate but because of the beautiful artwork and box that the tape comes in unfortunately the Australia Post cannot help but rob me with high postage costs. It's completely worth it if your wallet goes deep enough. I've also set up a Subscription bit over there which gives you the option to actively support my tireless work against the squares ad infinitum.

The Scrapes new album The Songs of Baron Samedi is also now available through all digital distributors or whatever it is they call themselves, Spotify, iTunes, all that. It is also available - along with our minimal stash of translucent green vinyl - at THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP.

And last but not least my new album for solo violin BUSH SONGS is all but complete with the artwork underway. This will come out on the mighty Soft Abuse records whenever we get around to it.

Keep safe out there.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Subscribing and Dragons

You can now SUBSCRIBE to my bandcamp site and probably get access to some unusual bits and pieces that I'll put up over time for those who are kind enough to lend their support to my tireless Scraping.

Also this interesting piece with some wah fiddle I've somehow overlooked over the years....