Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hello all, I'll let you in on a secret... If you go to the ADAM CADELL BANDCAMP And decide to purchase any of my works presented there...and get even as far as wanting to pay for it... enter this code: "scraping" And you'll receive 50% off whatever it is you feel inclined to buy. Offer lasts until 10/3/2015...that's the 10th of March. This is to celebrate the impending release of the new Scrapes album THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI which will be out soonish on Tape with Soft Abuse records and on vinyl with Conquest of Noise records. Also for those inclined to care you should head on over to HERE and if you're impatient skip to the halfway mark to hear not only the BBC premiere of a new Scrapes piece but also an exclusive airing of one of my Bush Songs series....which I've basically told very few people about...yet... And here's something with some interesting fiddling from some Occitan tripping troubadours passed on to me by Niko of Kraut Occult rockers JASTREB for whom I have previously fiddled and with whom I may be once more conspiring... As you were...

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