Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ceaseless Self-Promotion

Hello all, Just a quick post to inform those who stumble across here of some performances I have coming up in various capacities. 26 September - with The Australian Art Orchestra and Bae Il Dong - Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns. DETAILS 16 October - with Kupka's Piano @ Crossbows Festival - Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, South Bank, Brisbane. Repertoire by Eotvos, Glerup, Cardew, and more. 6:30pm. 28 November - with Kupka's Piano "Absent, almost Absent" - The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. 7:30pm. DETAILS Leading up to the Tanks concert with AAO I will be participating in the innaugural AAO Creative Music Intensive. The public can attend the workshops at a minimal fee. DETAILS HERE. If you're in Cairns or visiting you should consider checking it out. Check out the fantastic movie Intangible Asset No. 82 for some inspiration.... There will also be some Scrapes gigs towards the end of the year, but as always you're best bet is to visit THE PLANET OF THE SCRAPES for details on our aktions. And we are getting very close to compiling a new album that will be sure to melt brains as always. That's all for now. Keep your ears peeled for some more Radical Violin recordings surfacing as I entered the QLD Conservatorium studios on Saturday morning armed only with my violin, some paperclips, a rubber band, steel mute and a little red Buddha machine with nothing but a book of Australian Bush Songs as my guide... Some writing publications are also coming up in December...more on that as it unfolds. Adam

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