Thursday, 19 June 2014

More Self Promotion

Good evening readers, Once again I'm afraid this post is about my own work. As previously stated here at Underground Violin I will soon be bringing out a new album of a new duo, that of myself and non-linear drummer Tony Irving. The album is coming out on the incredible Duskdarter Records as an online only, free, creative commons release. That's free free improvisation for the people. As any of you who drop in here regularly would know I play most regularly in The Scrapes and have released plenty of stuff through my own bandcamp and through labels such as Wood & Wire. Tony has jammed, performed and recorded with the likes of Stefan Jaworzyn, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo, Lol Coxhill, Alan Wilkinson and more. With Jaworzyn he worked as Ascension and later Descension, and has also recorded with other ensembles including Unity Gain and his locally-based ensembles The Impossible and Cyclone Trio. So anyway enough talking us up. I think this list of words above here should give you a solid idea of what it all should sound like, but even better for you Duskdarter have put up a sample that you can listen to here! The project is named...well....after us....Tony Irving & Adam Cadell, and the album is titled "Some Shards For The Void". The album was recorded in a very unique and industrial space for a suitably cavernous resonance by The Scrapes/The Maryettas guitarist and singer-songwriter Ryan Potter. Ryan is also responsible for mixing and mastering this beast just as he has been for a lot of incredible underground sounds in Brisbane including our The Scrapes collaboration. Then there's the fantastic and utterly unique art, a film photograph by Melbourne-based artist (and one of my dear comrades from my time in Ghana) and activist Tom Reddington of one of his installations, with layout and design by another Melbourne-based artist, and Tom's housemate, Meagan Wyke. Here it is in all its glory:
So while that beast is unleashed on 3rd July 2014 the launch performance will be that weekend, the 5th July, at the Waiting Room in Brisbane's West End, a dual launch it shall be with Kahl Monticone who is also releasing a new album through Duskdarter on the 3rd July. His work is also well well worth checking out. The opener will be Built From Sticks, the project of Jamie Curran known for his fine keyboard playing in local group Ghost Notes, and also for his fine playing in Secret Black, an ensemble featuring myself as well. Complex and incestuous isn't it. Here's the poster for the launch:
OK that's all the info you need for this one. Get along to the launch if you can and don't hesitate to come and say hi. If not then head over to Duskdarter on 3 July and download aaaaalllll. Finish, Adam

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