Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Archdrude Speaks on Adam Cadell Solo + Gig Tonight Brisbane

Hello all, We definitely have some things coming up in the New Year! New releases and performances and all sorts of things no doubt to announce when the time is right. There will definitely be a new live recording up on the Bandcamp soon...will be a document of a gonje exploration I did at a recent meeting of Audiopollen. Interesting indeed... So there is a gig happening here in Brisbane tonight with yours truly Adam Cadell and the down downerhome cuntry of Mr. Jackson Reid Briggs of Nikko and The Maryettas infame. 2 Jan The End Up From The Swamp - Adam Cadell + Jackson Briggs 8pm FREEEEE Don't fucking miss it. And here's another reason why. Mssr Julian Cope el Archdrude supreme has run across my solo works which you can find HERE for a small donation or even free if you're a cheap bastard (this is until 25th Jan after which they return to a standard price and you'll just have to pay OK). He's given me a very nice little write up in his New Years Drudion over HERE Here's an excerpt: "Anticipate instead the rural joys of Henry Flynt’s bucolic hoedown-a-thons but enlarged into La Monte Young levels of monotony, or imagine even an unaccompanied Tony Conrad embarking on a Faustless OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE. For this single meditation remains at all times on course, even when Mr Cadell’s instrument takes on a curious French horn timbre." Julian Cope, Head Heritage Here's the poster for the gig tonight:
Happy New Year to all and sundry! Adam adam-cadell[dot]com

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