Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Adam Cadell bandcamp....

Hello 3 or 4 people who occasionally stumble across this horribly under-posted-upon blog,

Your writer in residence Mr. Adam Cadell has brought it upon himself to put up some music for FREE on bandcamp...or if you feel so inclined then send me a donation. The place to go is:


More works will be put up as time goes by as I hope to use the ease of bandcamp to keep my ongoing work as a soloist and collaborator up and in view. If you run a label and want to help me get the physical thing out in a more official fashion then by all means get in touch.The first in the series is entitled "From the Dark Past" and is a collection of compositions dating as far back as 2006 or so...all for solo violin - looped or all on its lonesome.

The next in the series is due to be posted very soon....

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