Monday, 27 August 2018



B            O                         O                         M                  V                   A       C U            U                         M

Boom Vacuum #11
29 August 2018
The Junk Bar, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

!! first !! birthday !! party !!

~ Richard & Linda
~ Zemzemeh
~ stan k walker group 
~ Carchesio Griswold Monticone Cadell 

$5 on the door.. 
or FREE ENTRY if you've ever played BV before :~}
come celebrate one year of BOOM VACUUM @ the Junk Bar 🍹

'A series of new-music nights that explore the visionary sounds and warm sonic adventurings of Brisbane’s aural undergrowth.. Unexpect the expected.' 

vinyl selections played between acts..
love as usual x

Thursday, 19 July 2018


BOOM Vacuum no. 10

10 .............fucking 10!.............TEN.......................1111111110000000000000000000000000

BOOM! Vacuum 10


Great lineup for this one if I do say so myself....and I do.

We have the Hausband...minus myself and maybe Helen Svoboda too. Minus you say??? Yes because Helen shall be smashing out a no doubt beautiful duo with her brother Simon on cello...cello and double bass duo you say??? You bet. THEN!

You will have yours truly finally throwing a legitimate BUSH SONGS tape party where I will actually have copies of the Soft Abuse released tape (+ a few Scrapes tapes from said label to hand) to sell to all and sundry. I will also likely perform stuff only from that collection of works....though the gig isn't til next Wodensday and I may change my mind by then...guess you'll have to come and hear.

and THEN!?

You'll have a solo exploratory set - as I understand it a very rare one - from Jamie Trevaskis, the proprietor, sound guy and all round legend of Junk Bar and if you're as old as me, Troubadour fame. Both venues crucial sites for the development of forward-thinking motherfuckers (to quote our dear Drood - hope all are as engaged in this month's Cerebration as I) in Brisbane. I believe Jamie mentioned a musical saw would be involved....!!

So that is the next BOOM Vacuum. You probably shouldn't miss it or you'll have to pretend til the day you die that you were cool enough to be there.


Should probably mention the details:

25 JULYThe Junk Bar, Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove7:30pmish$5 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

18 May in Tarbes...AND


Tomorrow night I shall make scraping racket in Tarbes.

Shall be joined by the incredible d'En Haut 

will then be hauled about Bearn by the fantastic PAGANS/Hart Brut crew to hear new sounds, in particular their radical blend of Gasconne folk with experimentation and general heaviness - and as explained below delving back to the psychedelic folk sounds that inspired them -, including lurking about the Musikaren Eguna festival in Ordiarp, Pays Basque with Artus and then finally recording with them for their Laboratori series...

Here's what Thomas Baudoin and the gang had to say about it in French:

Hey ! Adam Cadell, ( vient à notre rencontre durant 5 jours. Échanges et collaborations au programme ! L'explorateur des pratiques de violons dissidents sera notamment en plateau commun avec D'en Haut au CeltiCPuB IsNoTaPuB ce vendredi 18 mai. On passera ensuite un petit moment ensemble au festival Müsikaren Egüna ou nous jouerons avec Artús(le 20 mai à 15h). Et aussi une session d'improvisation enregistrée à La Ferronnerie avec l'idée de vous la partager sur le bandcamp de Pagansprochainement. Il viendra aussi rencontrer Jacques Baudoin, violoneux et ancien membre du groupe Canicula, dont nous rééditons en numérique les vinyles sortis entre 1978 et 1986, toujours sur PAGANS. Que du bonheur

 See you there.

Also THIS! 

Bye for now.